23rd March 2017 - Conway Hall, Bloomsbury

On Thursday March 23rd the usual assortment of bankers, brokers, fund managers, lawyers, PR people and financial journalists will gather at Conway Hall in Bloomsbury, home of the world’s oldest free thought organisation, to compete for the prestigious Masterley Trophy at the eighth annual Alex City Quiz. Here their knowledge will be tested on all aspects of current affairs, history, science, sport, music, TV and film, with perhaps a token question about finance to throw them off their stride.

The quiz will be set and hosted by Alex creator Russell Taylor and journalist and writer Marcus Berkmann and will feature a live music round performed at the keyboard by the prodigiously talented Harry the Piano. Here’s a sample of what to expect.

A table of six players costs £250, including food and a complimentary drink. All proceeds from this evening of competitiveness, bragging, cheating, arguing and drinking will be donated to the Lymphoma Association.

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But what if I don’t know any of the answers, we hear you ask. After all, Alex is known for his cynicism, perversity and sneakiness.. Just to reassure you here is a selection of questions from last year’s quiz.

1. According to the AA, which rock song is the cause of most speeding offences when listened to by drivers on their in-car stereo? It’s from the late 70s, the singer is called after a type of food and the song features the name of an animal in the title.

2. Which country has so far had 27 different national flags? The differences have sometimes been quite tiny.

3. When soft loo paper first went on sale in Britain in 1947, what was the only shop that stocked it?

4. The equator passes through only one Asian country. Which one?

5. Which toy lives at 1959 Malibu Way (according to its spin of TV series)? The street number is in honour of the date in which the toy was first manufactured in the USA.

6. Days before he died, David Bowie released his 25th and last studio album, Blackstar. What distinguished the cover of this album from every one of its 24 predecessors?

7. Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest, Inky Ocean, the Heavens and the Earth and Animorphia are all recent Amazon best selling books. What genre do they belong to?

8. Charles Rolls (of Rolls Royce fame) became in 1910 the first British person to be killed in an accident involving what form of transport?

9. Which English monarch founded Ascot racecourse, is believed to have been the first to taste ice cream, and inspired a style of furniture design whose features include curving shapes, the cabriole leg, cushioned seats and wing-back chairs?

10. Who is the oldest: Gary Numan or Gary Oldman?


Want the answers? Okay..


1. Bat Out of Hell by Meatloaf.
2. USA
3. Harrods
4. Indonesia
5. Barbie
6. No picture of Bowie on cover
7. Adult colouring books
8. Aeroplane
9. Queen Anne
10. Gary Numan (by 2 weeks)

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Quiz illustration